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Lake Osbourne / Lake Ida / Freshwater Lake and Canal System

West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Del Ray Beach, Boca Raton

Peacock Bass

 Southern Florida is the only location with a population of Peacock Bass. Introduced by the state to counter all the exotic, invasive species, the Butterfly Peacock Bass has become a premier sport fish in the southern region of Florida.  Very aggressive and strong, they provide excitement and plenty of opportunity.  We fish primarily between Lake Ida and Lake Worth but will travel based on your location if you don't have transportation.  While Peacock Bass will be the primary target there will be mixed catches of exotics and native sportfish.


Peacock Bass

The price includes all fishing gear, conventional or fly fishing rods/reels, exclusive boat occupancy, 1- 3 people, and a great time.  We can fish a total of 5 people comfortably on the boat.  Each person over the original 3 will be $100/person. We can customize trips based on time or number of days you would like to fish.  This is a trip, great for all experience levels and ages, everyone will enjoy.   Call, text, or fill out the email app on the contact tab to book this trip. Here are the basic packages.

2 Hour Peacock Bass $299

4 Hour Peacock Bass  $499

6 Hour Peacock Bass $599

Freshwater Canals and Lakes of Southeast Florida

This system provides over 50 miles of fishable water that are all interconnected. The abundance of fish in these waterways is truly astounding and you never really know what you are setting the hook into until it hits the net. We practice a strict Catch, Photo, and Release on all species caught, this is the playground not the grocery store.

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